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Bathtub Bathroom Remodeling

How does the installation process work?

If you have questions about how we handle your plumbing repair, find the answers here. Below you will see the step by step process and what we do for you. Ask more questions during your FREE estimate.

· Initial meeting with you, the customer

Discuss any changes or additions to plans, locate all basement plumbing if not clearly marked on plans, verify plumbing stub out location, schedule installation of slab plumbing.


· Installation of slab plumbing

Install all drain lines and waterlines underground to specified location, pressure test with air or water. (This process typically takes a ½ day to complete)


· Installation of water and sewer line

Call UPC for locate, make sure there are no obstructions preventing work to be completed, install water and sewer line, call in inspection request, cover up after inspection. (This process typically takes 1 day to complete)


· Rough plumbing step one

Meet builder and or homeowner on jobsite, discuss location of outside hose bibbs, water heaters, fixtures etc. Confirm selections for tubs, showers and valves.


·Rough plumbing step two

Install drain lines, water pipes, tubs and all other necessary components prior to sheetrock. Pressure test drain lines and waterlines with water and or air.


· Rough plumbing step three

Walk house with a thorough 18 pt. checklist created by DEW Plumbing field supervisors to inspect details that could otherwise be easily overlooked. Call in for rough plumbing inspection (when applicable). Note: It is not always necessary to schedule an initial meeting and a meeting on the jobsite once we are familiar with repetitive spec house plans.


· Final plumbing

Install faucets, sinks, commodes, appliances, water heaters etc. Turn on water and test all fixtures.


·Final walk thru

Install any fixtures not able to set during final plumbing stage. Walk house with a 23 pt. checklist created by DEW Plumbing field supervisors to inspect certain details that could otherwise be easily overlooked. Make sure all fixtures are functioning properly, place indicator tags on all outside hose bibb and main shutoffs. Confirm house is ready for final plumbing inspection.

Every step counts



Ask about our 1 YEAR WARRANTY on parts and labor


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